Balance Issues in Journal Entries | Use Case of the Week

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Balance Issues in Journal Entries | Use Case of the Week

Anyone working with Journal Entries encounters issues while balancing credits and debits. In fact, this is the most common error Business Importer users get while importing Journal Entries into QuickBooks. 

But what if you are absolutely sure that your credits and debits are balanced and you still get that error?

Our support team recently encountered a case, where both columns looked balanced. There was a 20% tax calculated. When our support team member Kirill looked at the way it was being calculated, he realized, that the tax amount was not counted properly by a third party app (a company CRM), which was not visible right away, but a wrong formula resulted in a wrong amount as pictured here:

This has helped our customer and he ran a successful import.

Another reason is that the numbers you see in Excel might be longer than what you are currently seeing, and our app will detect them. If you are absolutely sure that your debits and credits balance each other, check if you have rounded up your numbers and whether that round up was correct.

Our dedicated support team always takes an extra step to make sure our customers are able to successfully fulfill their tasks and free up some valuable time for the things that matter. 

Stay tuned to learn more about behind-the-scenes at CloudBusiness Company.

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