Business Importer Desktop - Updates Based On Your Requests

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Business Importer Desktop - Updates Based On Your Requests

Business Importer Desktop, data import tool for QuickBooks Desktop, has released a couple of updates that we would like to cover in today’s blog post. 
  1. Recently, our customer success manager Polly encountered a case, when a QuickBooks user exported data from their QuickBooks company, which contained empty lines. Our team conducted a survey and realized that some customers encounter this issue and usually manually delete those empty lines. Our developers together with a customer success team reacted quickly and deployed an update, with which our app will delete the empty lines from exported files to run a successful import of exported data
  2. Another update, which our team recently developed based on the customer feedback was a newly introduced feature — now you can import payments that are not linked to any invoices.
  3. A third update that our team is currently working on is a feature that will allow you to import invoices with a combination of items and groups of items. This has been requested by our users and has been previously impossible, but will be made available with a future import.

Gathering feedback and updating the app is the priority of our customer success team, and the updates of the app are absolutely free. Our Desktop team is especially proud of its close collaboration with our customer and the community this approach has created. 

Have a great weekend! Your CloudBusiness team 

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