With Flowless You Can… Help Your Clients Enhance Their Customer Loyalty


In our previous articles in the series we have looked at how Flowless can help your clients manage their inventory and keep their account balances under control.

Today we are going to look at an interesting area, traditionally almost never associated with accounting work, but which can be very useful to your clients. We love empowering accountants in becoming business advisors for their clients. These two flows are a great example of how you, as an accountant, can help your clients increase their customer loyalty, the amount of returning clients and their revenue.

1. Automate marketing campaigns with Flowless

This sophisticated template, which you can always customize, allows your customers to reward clients purchasing a certain key product, or purchasing large quantities of it. You can set any rules based on your clients’ marketing campaign strategy, and automatically reward loyal clients by sending them a promo code.

2. Reviving the lost art of personalized thank you notes

With Flowless, your customers can create personal thank you notes to be sent after purchasing a certain product. They can include promo codes, invitations to special events — anything your customers wants to share with their customers, who have just purchased a product. This can help increase the amount of their returning customers, growing their revenue.

Example of a flow to send out automatic thank you notes

What else you can automate with Flowless:
Help Your Clients Manage Their Inventory
Get Smart Business Notifications
Help Your Clients Track Account Activity
Get Paid On Time
Manage QuickBooks Sales and Expenses Faster
Automate Shipping Process

Have you ever assisted your clients in their marketing efforts? Share your story in the comments below.

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