Introducing Time-Saving TSheets and QuickBooks Integration Using Business Importer

Today we are going to discuss a time-saving integration of two of the leading QuickBooks apps.

If you are just starting out with TSheets and QuickBooks and don’t have a lot of Employees saved in your system yet, you can import many employees at once with a spreadsheet containing names, personal information, bill rates and many other important features into QuickBooks Online via Business Importer.

After that you will be able to sync all of the newly imported employees with all of the supporting data right into your TSheets account.

1. This is an example of a spreadsheet you can import into Business Importer.

The only required fields are Family name and Given name. You can fill in the rest, according to the data available and based on your custom needs.

2. This is the resulted list of Employees in a TSheets account:

3. Besides importing new Employees, you can easily update existing ones by running a partial update in Business Importer.

Simply import altered file into Business Importer and indicate that it is to be updated.

You can update all of the employees or a few, thus saving a lot of time on manually updating single employees in your QuickBooks company.

Do you have any questions? Let us know by commenting below to start a conversation.

Remember, your time costs more than money!

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