With Flowless You Can… Help Your Clients Manage Their Inventory


Flowless is a 2018 Intuit $100K App Showdown Finalist, designed to help accountants and small businesses eliminate repeatable, mundane tasks by automating them.

Today we will look at what Flowless can do for you and your clients in terms of inventory management:

1. Automatically reorder items with low quantity on hand

A unique feature of Flowless is that you can set it up to automatically order certain items from your vendors if the stock has hit a low minimum.

Customize this flow for yourself or your clients using one of our pre-ready in-app Flow Templates.

2. Auto-create Purchase Orders in QuickBooks Online

Create a smart flow to always have PO’s automatically created for you by Flowless once a certain product has hit a low quantity on hand. Use our in-app Template to customize it for yourself or your client’s company.

3. Get customized notifications

Streamline notification processes about the inventory level in your QuickBooks Online company. Notify different managers and department about changes or low quantity on hand for selected items.

What else you can automate with Flowless:
Get Smart Business Notifications
Help Your Clients Track Account Activity
Get Paid On Time
Manage QuickBooks Sales and Expenses Faster
Help Your Clients Enhance Their Customer Loyalty
Automate Shipping Process

Stay on top of things with Flowless. #SimpleAsThat

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