With Flowless You Can… Manage QuickBooks Sales and Expenses Faster


Accountants, today we are writing about flows that are going to be useful for YOU. Flowless allows you to automatically manage uncategorized expenses as well as sales transactions that are missing a location in QuickBooks Online. Learn how here:

1. If a transaction is missing location, automatically apply it in QuickBooks Online based on shipping address

2. Automatically apply correct expense categories based on any set of rules (vendor name, text in the description) to uncategorized expense transactions.

No need to build these flows from scratch — go to the Flowless Templates section to customize one of the provided templates according to your needs. #SimpleAsThat

What else you can automate with Flowless:
Help Your Clients Manage Their Inventory
Get Smart Business Notifications
Help Your Clients Track Account Activity
Get Paid On Time
Help Your Clients Enhance Their Customer Loyalty
Automate Shipping Process

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