You Said It, We Heard It —Things You Need To Know About Flowless

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You Said It, We Heard It —Things You Need To Know About Flowless

We absolutely agree — we ARE the coolest app people don’t know how to use (yet). You said it — we heard you! Keep on reading to learn why you need more Flowless in your life.

Here’s why we are so cool:

1. We can help you with automated workflows

According to a recent report by McKinsey, around 40% of those surveyed spend at least 10 hours a week on repetitive tasks. The main goal of our app is to reduce that time to an absolute minimum, allowing you to focus on complicated things that actually need your attention.

Automated workflows are the flows that you identify as those that take away a lot of your time; tasks can be done automatically with the help of Flowless.Imagine having a virtual assistant, tracking both your clients and your QuickBooks accounts 24/7 to detect any changes that you want to be tracked — uncategorized expenses, unusual bank account activity, negative inventory, customers to reward for their loyalty…

The number of flows you can create is unlimited! Just picture how much pressure you can take off of yourself with the help of only one app that automates your repetitive workflows for you.

Wouldn’t that be great to have just one app doing all of that for you instead? Flowless can do that and more!

(Example of a flow that can automate inventory re-ordering)

2. We can help you help your clients

Accountants are increasingly embracing the role of business advisors.  Flowless supports you in this endeavor with your clients while promoting their businesses growth.

By using Flowless, accountants can take on different tasks previously not associated with the work of an accountant, but which will be appreciated by your clients.

3. We help you with better notifications

Limitless customization options allow you to get highly detailed notifications (emails, texts, and calls) whenever changes or updates occur. For example: does your customer need to track their employee spending? They can get highly detailed email reports for any expenses larger than $100:

Example of an expense management email auto-generated by Flowless
Example of an expense management email auto-generated by Flowless

There are many scenarios that you can come up with that we probably don’t have in mind yet! Flowless has been created with accountants in mind and provides a perfect playground to experiment within.  You can build your own automation tools — no IT skills required and #SimpleAsThat!

Start experimenting now, use our in-app templates, one of the scenarios from above, consult our guides, or create your own, unique flow.

Start experimenting now and unload your workflow with smart automations. #SimpleAsThat

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