With Flowless You Can… Help Your Clients Track Account Activity


We are continuing our series, where we take a look at how Flowless, a 2018 Intuit $100K App Showdown Finalist, can empower accountants to help their clients by eliminating repeatable, mundane tasks with smart automations.

Today we will look at some examples of how Flowless can help you and your clients track account balances:

  1. Track unusual activity in bank accounts

This flow can be helpful in order to set up limits and high thresholds for your or your clients’ bank accounts in QuickBooks Online. Get instant notifications and never lose track of spending or income.

2. Automate future discounts and credit memos for e-commerce clients

This flow will be especially useful for your e-commerce clients, because now whenever their QuickBooks accounts report an overpayment, they will be able to be notified or instantly contact a person in charge in order to create a credit memo or a discount code for a future buy for that particular customer.

Stay on top of things with Flowless. #SimpleAsThat

What else you can automate with Flowless:
Help Your Clients Manage Their Inventory
Get Smart Business Notifications
Get Paid On Time
Manage QuickBooks Sales and Expenses Faster
Help Your Clients Enhance Their Customer Loyalty
Automate Shipping Process

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